Depressed due to saggy boobs

    • Depressed due to saggy boobs

      I'm very much depressed because of my saggy boobs. I was 180 lbs a year ago. Now I have reduced my weight and I think it's the reason for my saggy boobs. I'm 20 years old and one of my aunts suggested undergoing breast lift surgery from a cosmetic surgery clinic in Mississauga. But I'm worried to go under the knife. So I have been researching about alternative ways and saw that exercise can help to get perky boobs. Is that true? If so, will the boobs sag again once I stop exercising?
    • I would like to say that, as long as you ave a BRAIN you're fine. No mistake about it.

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    • don't listen to them, it's your choice overall weather or not you want to go with the surgery, but to me I honestly don't care what women's boobs look like... I'm not trying to kiss ass or anything... I genuinly don't care. As long as you feel good about yourself, then you'll be fine. You can keep exercising if you would like to, I would just to keep myself in shape, but there is always someone out there who will take you, for who you are.