I don't know if this girl still likes me

    • I don't know if this girl still likes me

      • TLDR: Me and this girl I like hit it off a few times on the snap at the beginning of the year and now her friends are kind of poking fun at it. Is it just mean rich girls being snobs to insult me (which it did) or is it my call out to her?

      • FULL STORY FOR THOSE WHO CARE: So at the beginning of the school year there was this popular girl I liked and I wanted to ask her to homecoming. I started DMing her and talked a few times here and there but the conversations were pretty awkward IMO. I'm kinda not really socially awkward I guess and I had never had the courage to talk to a crush of mine before, because I'm "not popular," but I was confident and did. I guess I got over the hump of actually reaching out to this person but I couldn't do it IRL. For a while there seemed to be a mutual liking for each other, but we didn't approach each other and eventually stooped talking all together. I was told by different people that said she was shy and was forcing me to make the move but anyway a few days ago my friend drew a cringy drawing of me on the board and one of my crush's friends took a picture of me, my friend, and the drawing together. Then kids were playing games on the board and my crush's other friend encouraged me to join. I had never talked to either of these girls and they started saying hi to me (ik big deal) in the hallways. Then 2 days ago in the lunch line, the whole clique if that's what you want to call it came up to me. As my crush was right next to me her friend came between and said "Can I slide in? Slide into those DMs," and hasn't said anything or even recognized me ever since. Idk if this was their kind of push to say that I can still talk to her, but this whole situation has me crazy and I don't know what to do. Ik this is a long story but I need someone to help me understand. Did she still want me to talk to her? Did I fail and ruin my chance?

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