Work and issues in family life

    • Work and issues in family life

      Hey! Joe and I was dating for 1 year and that was when we decided to get married. We were so happy to announce our wedding to our near and dear ones. It was so much fun. But things changed after marriage. Joe started to concentrate more on work and at first, I thought it was due to the heavy work he had in his office and that it would change, but it came to a situation where he didn’t even have time to talk to me, care for me and I was completely exhausted. I am a person who expresses love and I expect that from others too. Joe was like that when we were dating. He was also expressive, but I don’t know what happened to him. Now, he lives in a world of his own. I tried to understand him about this, but there was no use. At last it came to a situation where I was not able to adjust with him. We set out to have fights and we stopped talking with each other for more than 5 days. He started to come late from office. I had a feeling that he was not doing anything from his part to save this relationship. As of a last effort I said that I can’t continue like this and he said he doesn’t know what to do, to make things right. At last we decided to undergo a couples therapy near Toronto, but the thing that is concerning me now is whether there is a need for this. Is this all because of my fault?. Is it because I am so expressive that I feel like he is not caring? Please be kind to share your thoughts about this.
    • sweety ... i am so sorry !!! Of course it is not your fault ... i dont know if it even worths going to a therapy ... you should tell him straight forward that he has changed and ask him why . If the answer is something like '' i am growing up'' or ''you are the one you has changed '' then i am sorry but you habe to tell him tha classic " you are not the man i married " and you should telll him that if that goes on then you have to continue your life !!!! no man has the right to destroy your life . so i suggest you divorse him if he does not go back to how he was . just because this new hime does not make you happy and the piont of marriage is to have a happy life with your partener .I hope i helped you a bit ... good luck anyway <3
    • my life story
      Hey I'm 15, I grew up without my father because he passed away when I was 7 I had a drug addict step dad that wasn't there for me I think this is why I can't get a relationship or it might be the anxiety I think I have or depression but I'm not a doctor or have seen one for anything like this. They were always gone so I guess I grew up quick and learned to do things on my own. I lived with them until I was 12 then the got arrested in Florida because they were going to get a prescription that wasn't theirs but got pulled over and lied about there names and got caught with pills that wernt theirs. So my life really went downhill before they got caught we had to hide from the cops cause me and my brothers and sisters didn't want to go to a childrens home so we threw away and cracked our parents crack pipes that were scatter around there room after that we lived with our parents friends for awhile until they got bonded out then we lived in a hotel for a few weeks then one night the police knocked on our door and searched the hotel I remember them even checking our cereal after I can't remember but the day our parents told us we were going to the state until my aunt called and took custody of us then things got better for awhile untill my aunt's mother died and she just got a divorce but the main reason of the mix was when the house lost power because I plugged something that wasn't grounded right so we lived with our aunt's boyfriend untill she gave our friends parents custody then it gets bad again because of my sisters friends brother who is 20 because he is a drug addict a threatens us steals from us etc and my adopted dad which isn't his real dad is scared of him and doesn't do anything about it but when he's off them he is a cool person. And other than that our parent's are pretty cool but are gone a lot of the time because they work for a trucking company but my sister and adopted sister are 18 and 17 so its fine also our parents come home every few weeks