Does taking medical marijuana reduce symptoms of sobriety?

    • Does taking medical marijuana reduce symptoms of sobriety?

      Hi! I am Edna and I am 18. I think you can all understand my feelings as we are all teens. Actually I have been dating my best friend, Joe for the past 3 years. Now he got some new friends and I came to know that they are giving him alcohol and drugs. Actually I came to know about this only recently. But he has been taking this for a while. I asked him to stop this habit. He refused at first, but afterwards he agreed. He is now a sober. But he always complains that he is having a craving for alcohol. He is also showing other withdrawal symptoms. He is in a very bad state now. I talked this matter with one of my friends and she told me to take him to medical marijuana physicians in Toronto. She said that taking medical marijuana would help to reduce the symptoms of sobriety. Is it a good decision to take him there? Or will he be addicted to marijuana too? I am worried now. Please give me some genuine replies.
    • As far as can find out, pot / marijuana is not addictive. Hate working with pot-heads as have to in the past and their use is often extreme to the point of idiocy. Just as alcohol makes one an idiot. Try working with heroin users, and have to some times, and no no no. Once have a boss on pot high everyday and he is as paranoid as guilty ... oh, he plays with everybody's account, too. no no no not no more. Get corporate to get him OUT ! But, am also become a target by company alcoholics who hate my complaining. They force me to Q-U-I-T-!!! They find out and make issue with gay homo irrelevance. Need say any more ? There is more ... STOP HERE. Put it another way .... pot is not addictive but neither are those mushrooms and it stops no one !!!