Hey there, it's sKratchy

    • Hey there, it's sKratchy

      Hey, I'm sKratch, also known as sKratchy.
      I originally got here out of curiosity but I'm also looking to meet new people.
      Would love if you hit me up.
      I'm 18 years old and looking to make new friends from across the world.
      I'm interested in Sports, Philosophy, Art, Physics and Photography.
      So, um, hi :)
      The easiest day was yesterday.
    • There are some guys I adore. Cannot have them. But I do adore them, I desire their want of me. But such does not happen. ha ha ha Have spent money to have alluring guys' pictures. Adoring is not always sexual. Physically cum off fantasies of guys I actually meet / see / want as these eyes see them feel them for real. Not mere pix. There is Fantasie aflame from movies and pictures, yes I do so do get off. Horny / Cum / OUT! / ouch is also real / all so real.
      --- Fall in love grade three, no sex possible, and then fall in love grade six, no sex possible, and then later learn of / about sex / cum./ orgasm. Also never have sex with some lovers, Yes, lovers I never have sex with but also live with. Masturbate about others. Go figure.
      --- HOMO is sexual GAY is political. I can say much more Stop here now. . . . .