Low self-esteem. How to get rid of it?

    • Low self-esteem. How to get rid of it?

      Hi, guys.
      I'm Honey. I'm 18 years old from South East Asia.
      I'm on my senior year in high school. I have a group project that consist of 3 young girls, and I'm the leader. In this project we need a great teamwork and our goal is to make a product. Because we want to make a product, we need to think creatively about it. We need to invent something new or make an innovation. As the leader, I have a big responsible for it, right?
      Actually, I don't want to be a leader. I don't have confident to do it, because it's really hard for me to talk with people, but my teacher choose me. I think, the other groups has a great leader, because they are an active person and also clever. I'm not that smart compare to other leaders and I can't think creative. I don't know what to do. My members gave me their opinion about what we need to do and prepare for the project, but that was not enough. My team and I decided to make a simple product that everybody can make it easily. The tools and the ingredients are really simple. But, our teacher want us to make something special. Something that is hard to make, but it's good. I'm afraid our teacher will mock us, say something bad about us because we can't make a good product, and give us a bad score. I'm really afraid. The other groups make a really good product, I'm sure our teacher will compare us. I don't want my team disappointed, but I don't know how to cheer them up. I think i'm a bad leader ever. I want to ask you guys what should I do to be more confident in front of my teachers? I want them not to look down on my team because we made an easy product . I want to be a good leader for my team. Can anybody help me?? ;( ?(
    • Some people are born with natural leadership skills while others have to develop them. Whatever the case, anyone can be a bad leader. Being a great leader means being able to organize your team based on their strengths and/or what they believe they are strong at. It doesn't mean knowing it all or having all the answers so take the pressure of yourself. This will help. Just be calm and collected. Now about your confidence. I'd say it's normal for you to be nervous about your project and its outcomes. You obviously care a lot about your teachers' opinions of you and your work. I can tell you to just do your best. If you give it your all, that's what counts. Be helpful to your team, encourage them, and be accountable. They'll thank you for that. Good luck!