Girls Masturbation Survey for ages 11-16!

    • Girls Masturbation Survey for ages 11-16!

      Do you masturbate 9
        Yes (8) 89%
        No (1) 11%
      Girls Masturbation Survey For Age 11-16

      Ok I'm just curious because us boys have no clue about this

      *This is a survey for girls on if you masturbate or not*

      1.Do you masturbate?
      2.How many times a week?
      3.How old are you
      4.Do You watch porn?
      5.If so, what porn?
      6.How old were you when you started
      7.Do any of your friends admit to masturbating
      8.What percentage of your friends do masturbate?
      9.Do you think girls around your age do masturbate much?
      10.Does anyone know you masturbate?
      11.If so, how did you get caught
      12.Are girls sexually engaged like us boys?
      13.How did you start masturbating?
      14.Have you ever orgasmed?
      15. Do you orgasm every time you masturbate?
      16.Can you keep going after you have orgasmed?
      17.If you do masturbate do you do clit rubbing or penetration, or both
      18.Is it common for a girl to "squirt" when they have orgasmed
      19.Where do you masturbate?
      20.Are you shy about your vagina or have you shown it to people?
      21.Can doing activities like riding a dirt bike or a bicycle on a very bumpy track make you horny?
      22.Do most girls see masturbation as "wrong" or "bad", and if so, do you?
      23.Have you ever used a household object to masturbate with?
      24.Do you ever use the show head to masturbate?
      25.Would you recommend masturbating to other girls who haven't tried it?

      Thanks if you reply, something most boys around my age in my classes have wondered is if girls masturbate