Hello everyone :)

    • Hello everyone :)


      My name is Nina Commons I am 19 years old and new to the forum. I have started a new blog called Letters by wings. In which I will post about my new project where I will write letters/ draw pictures to those suffering from anorexia. I am starting this project as myself I suffered from Anorexia for 2 and a half years. I was diagnosed on my 16th Birthday. I am now recovered but still suffer mentally. I want to use what I went through as an advantage and help anyone out there suffering from this illness by offering positive, kind words in a letter or a drawing to take someone's mind off of their illness for a few minutes of the day. This will be personalised about the individual and will be about them as a person, not the illness. I want them to understand all how truly they are brave, wonderful and beautiful people! I am very excited to start my project off and can hopefully make a little difference.

      Please let others know about my project as it can help those around you, get the word out and share!. I truly believe this will help young adults, adults and children. It is non-profit for me, just something I want to do in my free time. And the battle I went through will hopefully make such a difference. To show the impossible is possible that you can RECOVER!

      If yourself you suffer from this illness or care for someone please visit my pages below and get in touch for your letter/drawing to help make you feel important and beautiful because you all are!

      please see my website at letterswithwings.com/

      facebook page: facebook.com/letterswithwings/

      Kind Regards,
      Nina Commons :)