Hello to you all here, in the hut of teens! Let me introduce my sexual self for once.

    • Hello to you all here, in the hut of teens! Let me introduce my sexual self for once.

      Hey guys and gals. Im a 18 yr old girl. Im very sexual and hope to be able to get that out of me in the way i need and want here on this site. Im not very experienced with sex in practice, had sex just once. Twice maybe but doesnt count imo. But I do love to learn and talk about it, hear other peoples experiences, tips, tricks, etc. Idk i think i like to talk about naughty sex-related stuff than to actually have sex lol. Sex sex sex sex is everything ive been writing about already omg. Hopefully nobody cares about that cus i do not and will keep talking this openly.

      But for the sake of being a litte normal ill provide some non sex-related stuff about me :D
      Like dogs, if they obey me. Food is yuuumm, but only good food. Im a pro gamer, almost - challenge me if u dare. Like icecream, or not. ?(

      And im bored as heck already. I love sex and all about it and that's why i signed up here!

      Ill probably be seen mostly in the forums Teen advice, teen sexuality, dating relationship advice and possibly the Depressive part of this site about Self harm and suicide :(
    • Welcome to TH! You can talk about just about anything on here these days because I'm afraid many of the moderators are inactive now lol.

      Dogs are great and so are video games, all good stuff. Unfortunately many of those threads are inactive as well, many of the members don't come here very often anymore. Hope you have a good time here though even if not many are left :)
      Of Mice and Men is the greatest book ever written! :thumbup:

      John Steinbeck wrote:

      Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.