Have you ever masturbated at school in class?

    • Have you ever masturbated at school in class?

      Has anyone masturbated in class? Like under the table or alone?
      When I was just leaving school like a few years back I had a really hot English teacher, And one afternoon Me and her were all alone in her class, I was on a desk right in front of her and both mine and her tables where touching so she had no idea and could not see anything under my desk, When she got up I was able to slip my ya know out of my zip and start, The day before she was wearing really tight trousers with a thong that I could see, But on the day she was wearing a dress but it would have been better with the other outfit to be honest, well after a bit I didn't nut due to me knowing it would be a mess under the table so in the end I just had fun and went with it back in my pants, have you ever done things like this? It made my heart go mad as I literally had my snake out 1 meter in front of her while making eye contact and speaking to her, I didn't make it obvious at all, that was one hell of a day :)
    • Lol i have done that once, couple years ago think i were 15/16. Boring class and super hot guy on the bench infront of me with a tank top and huge muscles so was a little horny and realized how easy it would be to masturbate without anyone noticing, which turned me on more so yeah. Never dared finish though lol cus people would definitely notice X(

      honestly i think its something every girl has thought of ;) Multiple of my friends and ex-friends have done it too, out of the excitement that nobody knows a shit ;)