Tool and Die Welding Workshop - My Dream Workshop Class

    • Tool and Die Welding Workshop - My Dream Workshop Class

      The tool and die welder has an hourly salary of $22.38 in US. They have a career scope mainly in Automotive industry with work responsibilities such as
      1. Ability to operate any tool room equipment.
      2. Ability to repair all tooling including compression, aluminium mild, jigs and fixtures.
      3. Ability to perform MIG and TIG welding.
      4. Ability to perform preventive maintenance to all tooling, jigs and fixtures.
      5. Ability to read and understand blueprints.
      The tool and die course workshop starting August 28th 2017, introduces trainees to proper techniques and theory based knowledge for welding on Tool Steels and Cast Irons Dies. The trainees will also learn to operate Oxy-Fuel cutting equipment in a safe and efficient manner. This 5 day program is Red Seal Journeyman Certified and is accepted all throughout Canadian industries without further examination.There are different job opportunities available for a Tool and Die Maker. Can check the results page here:

      Wish me luck guys... I really want to be certified as a Tool and Die Welder. Somehow the fever got to me from my Dad. ;)
      Robert Small :) 8)