Has anyone attempted suicide?

    • Has anyone attempted suicide?

      Hi!! I have been dealing with depression since my childhood. I first attempted suicide when I was 13 years old. I drank a bottle of household iodine as I thought it will take my life. But I was wrong, it just burst the inside of my mouth and throat. I was disappointed but continued to live my life.
      It was my freshman year at college. My mental state was distracting me so I sought advice from my college counselor. After my freshman year, my depression returned in full force. I was unable to do anything as the depression had completely incapacitated me. I attempted suicide again as I was finding it difficult to live my life. This time I survived because of my friends.
      I talked to the counselor and told him that this is my second attempt of suicide. Afterwards, I was dropped out of the college. He told my parents that I should undergo suicidal thoughts treatment therapy to overcome this situation. Does anyone have any idea regarding this treatment? My dad has scheduled an appointment with a therapist in Toronto for next week. Has anyone here had attempted suicide? Any advice or suggestions are highly appreciated.
    • If you have been given the chance to undergo this therapy, please take it.

      I had a suicide attempt 2 years ago where I overdosed on a combination of pills. I was treated by CAMH's for a assessment but I was never followed up on. I still have received no treatment and essentially had to fight through mental illnesses by myself.
    • There is no way to attempt suicide. There is only suicide. If you want to die, you suicide. An attempt is just a call for attention, and you already know before that it is not a real suicide. Sometime it can be a real failed attempt, but in that case a person who wants to die, does it again very soon. So talk with someone and ask for attention in another way.
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    • Commiting suicide is not an answer to any problem. One should fight for the things that are going wrong. If you commit suicide if will affect more people once you left. Think of your family before thinking about committing suicide. You can talk to people if something is disturbing you. You can talk to someone that will help you get the answers to your questions. You can even consult a Professional like Voyance Direct for your help.
      Professionals exist because there comes time people find themselves hopeless, restless, that time professionals are there that will understand your problem and provide you with a the answer to your questions.