Cousin keeps ditching me for boy?

    • Cousin keeps ditching me for boy?

      I have a cousin who is cool and funny. Our dads would try to get us to be friends. Let's call this girl, Alyssa.

      Alyssa is really cool. She is sometimes sarcastic and is really funny. We go to the same school and everytime I see her away from me, she would be so quiet and shy. She would shake a little when someone tries to talk to her. With me and my group of friends, she would hang out with me and be all chill. She would make jokes, laugh and embarrass herself on person just to make other people laugh which is really cool of her to do, especially when one of my friends are feeling really low, like as low as this emoji ;( . She would also stay quiet and happy, until we bring her up in the conversation. Anyways, yesterday which was Friday, this new boy came to school. When we saw him, we thought that he looked so similar to Alyssa. Let's call this boy Greg. In Art, We were sitting at our table, which had me, my friend, and Alyssa. The teacher assigned Greg to our table and sit next to Alyssa. Because she was with us, she was really chill so she was fine with Greg being next to her and talking to him a little. Well, Greg saw that she was drawing this weird band symbol into her sketchbook and he said that he liked that band and asked her what song she loved. They had a full on conversation about rock bands, Shows like Dexter and other things that I don't really like or understand. When class was over, Greg asked her to help him with his next class and how to get there and Alyssa showed him. I was with her too because we were both in the same class while he was too. Well, that class was Gym. When we started walking laps around the gym, Alyssa and I were walking, talking to each other about how we should go to the mall and shop for a while. Well, Greg ran up to us, or to Alyssa, and they began a conversation, letting me join in. Then the coach told us to sit down in front of the white board. Well, I asked Alyssa if she can sit down next to me, she said yeah and then Greg starts sitting next to her.

      I was happy that she was making another friend until the next day at school. At Lunch, I was sitting at a table with my other friends. It was the table that me and Alyssa always sit with each other at. When Alyssa got her food and had to find a seat to sit at, she started looking for someone. When she looked in my direction, I motioned her to come to us and she went towards us but didn't sit with us. Instead, at another table, she sat next to Greg. I would have been fine but the fact that she saw me motion her over to sit next to me and she ignored made it like she stopped caring. When Alyssa and I first got to art before anyone else did, I asked her why she ignored me and she said that she was sorry and that she didn't think it was a big deal. I forgave her of course. Well, Greg came and sat next to her like he was supposed to do. After the teacher gave us our assignments, I tried to talk to Alyssa but she was too caught up in the conversation with Greg to even look at me. I gave up and just talked with my friend instead.

      Well, we had plans to go the mall last week, but then she cancelled our plans because apparently, Greg asked her to go to the movie theatres with him to see a horror movie. Whenever I see her with him, she gets into more debates and starts being factual and would always ask for evidence. She is now more sarcastic and her humor is now filled with offensive things, and sexual jokes. Sometimes puns and self-depreciation jokes. Greg is that way too though. Now, instead of trying to be the psychologist she wanted to be, she wants to be a YouTuber and she doesn't think that College is going to help her at all. Greg also wants to go to college but wants to do YouTube too. Once, I asked Alyssa if she can come over and help with homework but she said that she was too busy with Greg and is helping him take care of his niece. Her Instagram page was filled with her and I but she deleted all the pictures of me and now it is filled with Greg, her, and videos of them being assholes to each other in a jokingly way. She used to be so sweet and kind and shy but now she is such a open, asshole who just loves to argue with people.

      How do I get her to come back to me and stop being an asshole? I have talked to her about this whole thing but she said that she didn't want to hear it and she said, and I quote, "With you, I have to hide parts of myself. This is who I really am, I was just hiding from you. Now, you see me as the true person I am, and that is because of Greg. Didn't you want me to stop being shy and secretive?"

      How do I make her realize that this isn't who she is? And that Greg is a terrible person to be around?

      PS: They aren't dating. Greg and Alyssa has said, many times, that they feel like they are siblings and they don't love each other that way.
    • She found a new friend. Don’t mean you are t still a friend. Be happy for her. She might seem like a bitch right now to you but something tells me that in the end, you’ll always be there for her right?
      This new guy she met, probably not, let her have some fun with a new friend and stuff. It’s all cool, part of growing up is all. Just chill