University or Family

    • University or Family

      University applications are open this month and I Already know I can't afford to go to my dream school next year. I can however do a 1 year course near home in order to save up. On the other hand my families financial situation isn't the best and if I go it puts my single parent in a really hard position. I've looked into part time jobs to help contribute but circumstances just won't allow this and school. I can get an apprentice ship in my choosen topic but I'm worried I'll resent my family for not getting a degree. I know if I told my parent they'd demand I go but I'm not sure I could live with the guilt of not helping. I just want to help my family but both options seem to leave someone worse off. Obviously my family can't know the real reason I might not go to uni so I have no one to talk to about this decision. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated!
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    • Don't feel guilty! I'm sure they want the best for you, and the hard work will be worth it. Please, go to your dream school, and do whatever it takes to get there--it will be worth it in the end, and your parents will be proud of you, and you'll have achieved your dream. You only get one life; don't make decisions you will regret! Your dream school is SO worth whatever investment it takes. Go for it!
    • " I know if I told my parent they'd demand I go "

      Ok - by the sound of it, it seems like you're lucky enough to have a loving, caring, and supportive parent. And look, while its extremely thoughtful of you to think of the challenges you'll be putting your parent through by attending your dream school - if you can figure out a way to attend following the path of least resistance - GO FOR IT! You're NEVER going to find the perfect solution to every problem - and if this is your dream school, whatever it is you'll need to do to make it happen, WORK YOUR ASS OFF AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

      Don't worry too much about your mom/dad! At the end of the day, they're still your parents and they're old enough to figure it out and find a way to best help you the best way they can. They're adults! Let them handle those responsibilities and you focus on the things you'll need to do to make sure you succeed on your end as well!

      - Even if you have to wait a year or two to attend your dream university - put in the work, build up your credits, and do your best to be patient with your dream now so you can make it reality later. Many, many college students enter into their school of choice during the end of their sophomore, junior years - my older sister did this and said she still was able to enjoy the incredible experience finishing out her upper-level credits and loved seeing herself at the finish line finally graduating from her school of choice when it was all said and done.

      If this school is important enough for you - then it's worth taking to the time to be patient and working towards a later admittance date.

      LONG STORY SHORT - Sit down, discuss things over with your parent, let them know your interest and passion to attend that school, and work with them and figure out a long-term success plan that could best help your chances to make it reality. THEN WORK HARD TOWARDS GOAL AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU'LL NEED TO DO IS TO REACT AND ADJUST ALONG THE WAY! UNLESS YOU CAN TELL THE FUTURE, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SEE ALL THE THINGS THAT COULD POTENTIALITY CHANGE IT FOR BETTER OR WORSE AND SEND YOUR PATH IN A MILLION OF OTHER DIFFERENT WAYS.

      Keep your head up, stay positive, and keeping pushing. Life has a way of unfolding in the most surprising and pleasant ways if you're willing to put in the work to give yourself the opportunities to do so!!!