Met with an accident - Need advice!

    • Met with an accident - Need advice!

      Hi!! My boyfriend and I met with an accident last week. Fortunately, we survived the accident. There were no major injuries. But we were charged for impaired driving.
      It was a minor accident but we had a whiplash. We didn't realize the pain as we were drunk. But the next day, we were not able to move. We have severe neck pain. I kept hot pack and massaged with olive oil. I felt slight relief from the pain but there was no change in my bf's condition. He took 2 days off from work because of the pain. I took him to a nearby GP. After examining he said there are no major injuries seen. He advised us to consult the registered physiotherapist in our locality. He said it's common to undergo physiotherapy treatment soon after an accident. Has anyone here had undergone any such treatment after an accident? How was your experience with it? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!