I need my beauty back

    • I need my beauty back

      Hi, I’m working in Texas as a software engineer. Last week I noticed that there are small wrinkles around my eyes. I didn’t bother it much but today morning when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. There were large wrinkles on my forehead. It was difficult for me to face others. I shared all this with my friend and she suggested me to take Botox injection from San Antonio ( southtexaseyeinstitute.com/oth…/cosmetic/botox-cosmetic/ ) . This treatment helps the facial muscles to relax and skins begin to smooth out. I’m tensed because needles have always made me nervous since my childhood. But I need to take the treatment soon. My friend motivated me by sharing her experience. The appointment is scheduled for the coming week. Does this procedure have any side effects? Kindly share your insight with me. Thank you in advance.