I'm Grounded for 1 year

    • I'm Grounded for 1 year

      Hi everyone, i'm new here. I'm a 14 year old girl and i came here to ask for advice. Basically 3 months ago my mom grounded me for a whole year because i was not doing well at school. my grades had been slipping and she found out i was seeing boys behind her back. She had told me i can't have a boyfriend until i am 18 and because i disobeyed her and because my grades are slipping she handed me the harshest punishment that came into her head and also reminded me i'm banned me from seeing boys anymore. I can't see boys until i am 18 and if i disobey again i will get punished more.

      So now i am at home all the time after school,weekends and during school breaks,not allowed out at all, not allowed to see friends outside of school. i am allowed one hour on the internet a day usually for doing study but i can't listen to music or watch tv. All i can do is read,books, write and study in my room. I get chores to do which passes the time, but this is killing me. I've done 3 months so far and its so boring, how can i cope with another 9 months?. i wish my mom wasn't so strict!

      Do you think i deserved this punishment? Any advice on how to come to terms it and make the best of it? Right now it feels like forever and it makes me feel really depressed. Its the boredom thats the worst part of it and its going on for another 9 months! Its too long!

      Also is it fair that i can't see boys? I really like hanging out with them and having a boyfriend. Waiting until i am 18 is just way to long. Any other girls here banned from seeing boys? or anyone here get punished hard by their moms?

      i think my punishment is too long and its really unfair :( ?(
    • If talking to you're mum doesn't make any difference, I would try to make it clear that you've learned your lesson. Act sorry. Work a little harder in school, and ask for help of you're finding the work hard (I know I do sometimes). If she sees you're trying to make things right again, she might me more lenient with you, though I can't promise instant or even fast results. Helping out around the house wouldn't hurt either. DEFINITELY don't sneak out or kick up a huge fuss or anything like that, it will not win you any favours.
      Hope this helped :thumbsup:
    • Hi there.
      From my perspective your mom may have wrong attitude to your youth problems BUT she still your mom and she the only person on earth that really care about you - your future ...so , You should take care now about your relationship with your mom and build her trust on you.
      As you said Bad Grades + Boys behind her back = Mom not trust = grounded :(

      Now , thats the time to recover this relationship!
      1. You should start take some serious conversions with her on your daily subjects - show her that is nothing behind her back any more .
      2. Working your grades - Sorry but this is the only thing that really show you work in school.....grades grades grades - that is on the real life too.... :)

      Start with those two , See her as your first human to talk and get help from, start from to most non important things to share then move on to some serious subjects, slowy as you feel.

      Build this relationshipis hard, and important .
      Show her the respctet she lookout for .

      Feel free ask any quastion.