Flirting and Body Language

    • Flirting and Body Language

      Flirting can be a skill which when developed, is a proven strategy to succeed with women. Effective flirting and body language can project self -confidence and good attitude. Body language plays an important part in flirting and is crucial for success.

      Below are some signs someone is vying for your attention through flirting and body language, learn it and have a great time!

      Eye Contact
      This is the first, obvious thing to look for. Here also you should be able to gauge future response by whether she gives you a lingering look or a quick glance. You should also pay attention to the way she looks away. If she immediately looks down and then away this a good sign.

      Women are also quite expressive with their hands. If her hands are playing with her hair it is a classic sign that she is interested and you can take it as an invitation to start a conversation.

      Another way a woman might invite you to start a conversation is by turning her head away after noticing you, but keeping her upper body pointing in your direction. This behavior signals to you that she is secretly wishing that you come to her and strike up a conversation.

      From the few given cues, you should be able to tell which of the ladies are interested when you are near. Correctly gauging interest is really half the battle in the area of flirting and body language. Now is time to make eye contact and give her a smile. If her body language seems very welcoming, you should definitely start a conversation.

      The second phase of flirting is the initial conversation. Now is the time to move over to where she is sitting or standing and start a casual conversation. Do not look away when you speak or start fumbling around.

      Women like confident men and your body language should show just that. Your body should slightly lean towards her as this is generally taken as a sign of attraction. Keeping eye contact all the time, speak in a pleasing tone on some casual topic of choice or even better, ask questions. If she also leans towards you, it's a great sign.

      Besides subtle gestures,the rate of breathing also display how she feels about you. If the pupils of her eyes have widened and breathing is more rapid, it is another very good sign in your favor. Take this as a sign you are moving in the right direction.

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