What do you want to be in the future?

    • I want to be a marketer. I like to develop a sales strategy and study the interests of the consumer. Now I'm on probation in one big company. I found them here [removed] and sent my resume. I really hope that I will be offered a full-time job. When I studied marketing in college, I didn't think it was so interesting. I prefer the practical part of my work more than the theory.
    • I'm in my junior-year at high school and joined the IB program there.
      I've courses in Arts&Design, especially product design, which I'll study after passing the IB.

      Design opens up a wide range of opportunities to work in different industries and disciplines, so it doesn't get boring doing your job ... if you don't specialize too early.

      My goal after graduation is to move a job , preferably every four years at the latest, in order to gain new knowledge and experiences in a completely different line of action, before I consider doing a more specialized job for the next decades.
    • I also follow in my dad's footsteps and plan to become a freelance designer.

      At least, I hope not to end up like him, cause he mutated from being the co-founder of a joint venture office for freelancer in design and advertising to the president of an agency in this sector.

      Although he now earns six times as much as he once got as he was a freelancer, he hardly practices his own professions he loved so much.

      I think the chance to earn a lot more money isn't worth to lock away your own creativity and seal it in a moth box or such.