I want to join a Singles Tour... I need some advice!

    • I want to join a Singles Tour... I need some advice!

      Does anyone here use international dating sites like A Foreign Affair and Victoria Date? I’m in my 30’s and always been keen to date someone foreign. I’m still young but I want to date someone who has marriage in mind. Most girls in my city would step back at the thought of marriage and my ideal woman has always been someone who’d put their family first
      I want to have a family before I hit 40. I have a good job that provides a stable income and plan to open my own business. I’m more than capable to have a family at my current state. I want to date someone whom I have a high possibility of marriage with.

      So, I’ve decided to try A Foreign Affair. Browsing through the ladies’ profiles, I can’t help but wonder if this site is legit. The women are all too gorgeous I’m thinking of joining one of the tours to Shenzhen, China. Maybe it’s best to meet the ladies in person first? What do you think? If any of you have tried joining their tour, I would really appreciate it if you could share your experiences.