I am going to Colombia! Any tips?

    • I am going to Colombia! Any tips?

      I am going to Colombia! Any tips?

      I hear so much about Colombia. They’re one of the most recommended travel destinations. The pictures I saw were beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in person. I am also thinking of meeting someone there. I am divorced and had been seriously considering meeting women. Since Colombia is my target destination, I could meet a woman there and probably take her home. There’s a in a company called A Foreign Affair that could bring you to Colombia, and meet many women. Since it would be my first time in the place, I think I would like some safe guide/company.

      Before I decide though, I need to know a few things.

      1. What are Colombian Women like? As a woman, as a partner?
      2. Which part of the country have the most honest women around? Someone who can be genuine.
      3. What do I need to get along well, aside from learning Spanish? Is learning Spanish a must? Or will I be just fine using English?

      All tips, help, honest takes are appreciated! Thank you, guys!