Making new friends at a school I know at least 20 peeps that I don't go to

    • Making new friends at a school I know at least 20 peeps that I don't go to

      I've been going to most of the High School Football Games at a school I'm very familiar with because of my awesome connections in different ways and areas. Since their week 9 game and all the way through their win of the Division 8 title on Black Friday I've been sitting in the Student Section. I go to a crappy charter school that doesn't have any athletics. I love sports, Football is my favorite out of the ones I like. Basketball season is starting, and I've been planning on going to those games with the Student Section. I've come to know a few of them very well, and one of the them happens to be someone I've known since 2012 because of my main connection to that school. I'm trying to find people that I know are nice (which these people in particular are) to be friends with. The crappy charter school has few people, and most of them are jerks, so this is my best option besides church, which a few peeps from my church are from this school that I've been hanging with during sports events. There's also some graduates that sit there, and someone who graduated this year from a nearby school that is one Division bigger than the one I've been hanging with.

      Really my big question is: What I should say and do, and How to go about making friends with these people without being weird since I don't go to this school? There's also a cheerleader I happen to like, but I need to keep it slow and not jump ahead. I'm planning on having a chance where its not weird and it falls into place to start a regular friendship with her, and then take it slow. I'm always staying consistent, and I'm trying to do it right, I would like to see it become a friendship thing of calling, texting, and even going somewhere to hang. I'm really intensely considering moving in with family that live in that district so I can got here next year for my Senior year, and I would to play Sports.

      Please be honest, respectful, and give me some great tips for the best. This is my first day on this site I'm doing for this thing I'm talking about, and a few others.