Unsure if im bi

    • Unsure if im bi

      Okay so I'm a 16 year old boy and I've been wondering whether if I'm strate or bi. Im atratted to boys but I only dated girls
      Before evening though I liked them I was only a little bit attracted to them. Don't get me wrong I find curtain girls attractive. But I find boys to be more attractive. But I'm not sure if I'm bi
    • Many guys (and girls) go through a sex identity crisis some or other time during puberty and their period of sexual experimentation.
      I myself am 100% straight, but admit that I find pictures of nice penises attractive. According to Kinsey's sexuality scale, every one falls somewhere between 0 (exclusively heterosexual) and 6 (exclusively homosexual) on this scale.
      My only guy-to-guy sexual experiences were at high school when I attended a boarding school. My roommate and I were very close, and would often talk about sex, and play sex games: masturbating together, mutual masturbation (i.e. swopping hands), see who could shoot the furthest, see who could cum first, see who could produce the largest volume of cum.
      We tried penis docking a few times (both are intact), but never masturbated to a climax whilst being docked together. I must admit that being penile coupled with another guy is very erotic.
      All the time we dated girls.
      So, we tried it all (no penetrative sex), but both regard ourselves as straight and today both are married to nice girls.