Cameras for monitoring my teen

    • Cameras for monitoring my teen

      My daughter has just stepped into her teens. Being a parent, I know that this is the time where each parent must closely monitor their children. She has a habit of sneaking out of the house without informing us. It may not be always possible for us to monitor her. There are only 2 ways for her to leave the house. One is the entry door and the other the exit door. At times, I wished if I had an extra pair of eyes to keep watch over my teen.

      I think in home security systems can help me. I'm planning on security system installation with CCTV cameras. I wish to have door and window alarms that will sound when the door or window is opened. That can alert us whenever someone exits or enters your home. I want to get it installed soon. Any parent over here confronting this same situation? How can I change this habit of my child? Any idea?
    • so I missed that thread?

      Not even my mom would've thought about it stalking me that way. And she's kind of a control freak.

      And because she's one, there was a war home that ended me moving to Dad's and not meeting Mom for nearly 3 years.

      But as I read here, there are probably parents who are much worse. Good that the thread is already so old and I have not discovered earlier.

      Aside from the fact that imo it's quite strange for a parent to login in a teen forum and asking for some cams to spy on his/her own daughter rather than talk to her about her behavior, I guess, the OP is just a troll.