How to deal with separation anxiety?

    • How to deal with separation anxiety?

      I just got home from a romance tour and there I met this amazingly gorgeous woman. I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her. It has only been a few days since I left her country and I’m already experiencing major separation anxiety.
      I’ve spent most of my time recently researching and reading forums online on how to deal with this but I can’t seem to feel better. I’m thinking I have the best chance in finding someone who has gone through the same experience as me here. Please, those who have gone through this feeling, I need your words of wisdom!
      Help a fellow out because I’m honestly losing my mind missing my special lady.
    • Hi there, separation anxiety is when you are worried about losing someone which causes nightmares and headaches. I have heard about professionals who are expert in curing anxiety. Recently my friend who was also suffering from separation anxiety and recurring nightmares. He visited to voyance sérieuse who helped him curing anxiety. I think this can also be the best option to cure anxiety.