Help for accident injury lawyers in Toronto

    • Help for accident injury lawyers in Toronto

      Hello friends,

      Do you have any idea regarding accident injury lawyers in Toronto? My friend Scarlet is 15 years old and she met with an accident on the road last day. She was going to the violin class after 5. 30 evening.

      There was no one on the road at that time. Suddenly a car with a folk of drunkards came from the south-west and hit her. The accused guys itself took her to a hospital and on detailed check-up, the doctor said that she have internal bleeding in the brain and chances for comma are very high.

      Anyways, we won't let the accused to be free of this big sin. We are planning to move forward with a lawsuit regarding this issue. What about this lawyer dealing with accident injury lawyers in Toronto.

      I would like to know more about them. Any idea about the procedures and their fee structure? Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.