What is it like to join a dating site?

    • What is it like to join a dating site?

      My friend, Joel, is happily married to a Filipina. He met her while participating a Singles Tour in Philippines held by A Foreign Affair. For 6 months, I saw nothing on my friend’s face but happiness. He’s always proud of her whenever we meet. I guess I’ll give AFA a shot!

      So, I opened the website. I browsed and browsed. I viewed some of the profiles. I read the women’s profiles. I scanned some of their pictures. I looked eagerly and the service is a little interesting. Now, which of these women should I choose? A lot of choices are given here: Asian, European, Latinas, Russians.

      I might try to get involved with the women of the Philippines also. I want to experience what my friend is experiencing now. Should I really delve into AFA’s service? What is it like to join such site? I need your advice before I do so. I don’t want scammers if you know what I mean. Thanks, Y'all!
    • Dear.
      Be aware of scams.
      The dating sites take over as tomes go.
      Look for partber around you, not aboard.
      You social networks help you figure out who you talking to.
      Never give away personal information such your real addreess, credit card and so on, use your virtual information like your Facebook page instend.
      No Nude PIC ever and never!

      Oen your mind and your heart, but be carefull.
      Feel free ask any quastion.