i have a question for other girls with brothers ?

    • i have a question for other girls with brothers ?

      my family is moving to a smaller house and i need to start sharing a room with my younger brother he's a year and half younger then me we are wicked close but never shared a room before any other girls that have shared a room with a male sibling what should i exspect or prepare myself for ?
    • when i was a kid i shaed my room with my lillte sister .....there is no "preparation" for that :)
      Take it in a positive and positive spirit, you'll understand that you have a lot less privacy but that's the reality and it's not really terrible ... just respect each other.
      Feel free to ask what you want in a private message.
      Feel free ask any quastion.
    • I share room with my younger sister and it's hard because we aren't close and she's a little annoying (and I'm a little intolerant). You will discuss sometimes, but the best way to avoid it is dividing spaces -so everyone can keep their own order- and trying not to fight: relax, get in his shoes, know what he likes/dislikes, don't mess with his personal space and work things out when he's disturbing you as well. If your room is big enough, i'd put a screen to partially divide the room, but the most important thing is tolerance.