Help! Can't Penetrate GF's Butt - Multiple Attempts w/ No Luck

    • Help! Can't Penetrate GF's Butt - Multiple Attempts w/ No Luck

      So here’s the thing - my GF wants to save actual sex for marriage so she brought up the idea of butt sex instead.

      At first I was kinda on the fence but thought what the hell, at least I’d be able to finally feel what it’s like penetrating a girl. We both took the time to do our research and even bought like 3 bottles of lube.

      We tried butt sex again for the 3rd time but I just can’t get my penis to enter her butthole. We’ve tried more lube but that just made it worse I feel... it was like like sliding up and down the creavce of her ass the entire time. I go super slow too so I make sure it doesn’t hurt her and she tries to relax her ass as much as possible to let me in.

      We try it mostly in missionary and doggie style - is there supposed to be a certain angle I need to stand or adjust my body in to make penetration easier?

      Sorry we’re both virgins and have never had sex before so I don’t know if I’m asking the right questions or not.

      Please send us any advice you think could help and we’ll read them together to see what we can do when we try it again!

      Thank you!

      ALSO - Since we're both virgins, is it all right for me be in my GF's butt without a condom?
    • First you need to get LUB. K-Y Jell is a good start --- First Lub. her butt hole then use a finger in and out very slow then two fingers in and out very slow After her ANAL ring has opened you may try your dick all so push in very slow after all the way in wait about 2 to 3 min. befor pumping ---------------- have fun --------- any more info. e mail me --------------linda
    • Hi,
      My opinon: if you had anal - you are NOT virgin .
      For your quastions :
      1.Lube - MUST. also she must be in the mood, hot enough mean Stimulated.
      thats not sufficient! the ass not ment to penetration so groundwork must taken!
      use lune and finger only for number of sessions that will end WITHOUT penetration - let her feel in comfortable.
      2. Condoms : MUST! Not just hygiene your sperm can leak from her ass to her vigaina you understand the result of this - Baby :)
      hygiene - this is the less clean area , she may have uncontrolled response of shit.....if you truly love and care about her her dont you dare insult or laugh about her ! be sensitive!
      3. Penetartion: slow slow slow !, then ,after you are all inside - stay there for a while without any move. let her adjust to him . after that......slow slow slow! move him bit out (not all of him) then agian - SLOW SLOW SLOW inside .....repeat that SLOW!!
      4.Pron - DONT take any idea from porn movie !!!! this is not the real life !
      5. Care - Listen to her , dont hurt her . Be thoughtful & Gentle. if she not in the mood and released/ loose her body protec him self ...Good result: no penetration , BAD result: A wounded rectum.

      Feel free ask any qusation in private .
      Feel free ask any quastion.