Bad Boys Attraction secret

    • Bad Boys Attraction secret

      Bad boys seem to get all the girls; you may have seen this in play more than once. It's a common mistake to think that women prefer nice guys; this definitely isn't the case.

      Women actually prefer guys that are difficult to understand - those with an air of mystery surrounding them. These men simply seem more original and exciting compared to regular men. Women are never interested in predictable men that can be read like open books. This is the reason why women are more interested in bad boys than nice guys. Find out how to become a bad boy and win the woman of your dreams in no time.

      How to Become the Kind of Bad Boy that Women Love

      Control the Situation. Bad boys are more self-confident and appear to be in control of every situation, which is an extremely attractive trait in the eyes of women. Women also tend to feel more secure around these kind of men.

      Be Challenging. Women also tend to like challenges and are therefore fascinated with difficult men. If you are a nice guy who always chases after women and showers them with compliments, women won't show much interest in return unless you are very good-looking and have lots of money to throw around.

      Fractionation. This could arguably be the most successful bad boy tactic out there. It is totally amoral yet incredibly effective. Fractionation is a kind of hypnosis tactic that stems from Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

      For this tactic to work, you have to send women on a rollercoaster of psychology while at the same time making her emotionally dependent towards you. By doing so, she will instantly turn into your love slave. Deadly stuff indeed!

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