Bringing my parents to meet my girlfriend in the Philippines.

    • Bringing my parents to meet my girlfriend in the Philippines.

      I’ve decided to bring my parents with me when I visit my girlfriend in the Philippines. It’ll be the first time they’ll be meeting her. I told my parents that I met my now girlfriend through a singles tour that I attended a year ago in Davao, Philippines held by A Foreign Affair. They never knew about this and just thought that I have only been going to the Philippines due to business related travels.

      When I told them about Janessa, they were questioning our relationship and the genuinity of it… so I’ve decided, it’ll be better for them to meet her and her family to make them feel at ease. It’s really not a pleasant feeling when your parents are questioning your relationship and of course, my girlfriend is feeling some pressure to an extent. I hope I won’t make her family feel offended for the reason of this meet-up. But at some point, they will end up a meeting, since I am dating her with intentions to marry.

      I just want to ask for advice… What should I do when they meet? I don’t want things to become awkward and I want both parties to feel that it’s a good thing to meet. Is there anything I should prepare for her family and should I talk to my parents how they should act around my girlfriend’s family? Help, please!!!