How hard is to make a nice web design?

    • It depends on what type of site you want to make. Professional web design is really an expensive thing but it's usually used for various big commercial projects and in your case there's no need for it :)
      The easiest way fro you is just use of free platforms for making sites, there are so many of them and their interface is easy for newbies too. I can recommend you WordPress, it's the most popular one, very simple for using and totally free, besides there are so much useful information about working with it. Also Wix, Jekyll and Blogger can be good choices too.
      Also as an alternative to handmade design you can use web templates which are ready types of design and are simple for installing and further modifications. For example, music wordpress templates are very popular for various design types and many of them can be used for free too. Free web templates usually have limits for design modifications and other functions but I think that in your case it'll be enough.
      And you can use Bluehost for registration of your domain name.
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    • What is the site propose ? Selling ? Blogging ? ... .?
      You can try with some help from great templates and designers like great place to start from nothing to nice site!
      Basically the formula is: The more you know the programming languages it will cost you less to almost free when you write everything. nice place to start learning from , HTML is the most common basic then you can choose : PHP / ASP.
      Write me if you have questions
      Feel free ask any quastion.