Do you like the way your penis looks?

    • Do you like the way your penis looks?

      I'm interested to know if you like the way that your penis looks - it's shape and size. Do you like the way that the hair is around your penis? Have you seen any other guys penises and thought that they look much nicer than yours or that yours is nicer than theirs?
    • Totally happy from what god gave me! :)
      love your body . if YOU prefer your friend ones ...also the girls WILL prefer them... :) be happy with your size and shape :)
      In the process of growing up, many myths are revealed around the subject and most of them are nonsense. Especially the size issue. :)
      As for the hair, there are shavers and that's fine. cleaner .
      Take into account that it is a constant process :) grow back can be tickling and itching a little :) but no big deal :)
      Feel free ask any quastion.
    • Hey man! I think my dick looks great soft, but not hard. That's because my boner is still pretty small. A year ago I was unhappy with how my dick looked cause it was so small. But I've grown a lot down there and now I have a good 4" soft. The problem is that it only gets to about 5" totally hard. I've seen all the guys naked in the showers after practice at school and I have to admit I always check out what they're packin. I think I stack up pretty well - not just in length but mine seems fatter than most of the guys too. Actually one of my buddies told me that one of the seniors on the team called me the "hung freshman"! LOL That's just because they've never seen me hard. One dude told me that it would look bigger if I shaved around the base of my cock. But I have a really full bush and I'm kind of proud of it so I leave it untrimmed.