I'm diagnosed with hypermetropia

    • I'm diagnosed with hypermetropia

      Hey, It was six months before I joined in an MNC. I was so excited and I couldn't control my happiness. As it was my first job I was eager to learn new ideas. I couldn't control my happiness. I got new friends over there and I was having less work at the initial stage. But later things were changing. I was loaded with heavy works and I used to sit until midnight in the office. I used to see many of my co-workers were working almost 24 hours without any movement. Two months before I was troubled with a heavy headache. I was not able to continue my work due to this. Everyday evening I was troubled with a headache and used to take medicines. And as my headache was troubling me a lot I took half day leave and went to the nearby eye clinic. The doctor over there after a detailed eye examination he prescribed eyeglasses and diagnosed Hypermetropia in me. I hated to wear glasses and without any other option, I started wearing it. My coworkers told me that I look cute without eyeglasses. I would like to get rid of my eyeglasses. When I searched online I read that my eye condition can last for years. I'm tensed about my eye problem. I read that laser vision correction method such as LASIK would be the solution for my problem. What are the pros and cons of LASIK? Kindly share it.