Daughter showing symptoms of depression

    • Daughter showing symptoms of depression

      Hello everyone!
      My daughter is showing symptoms of depression. She is showing symptoms like excessive sleeping, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, irritability and sometimes suicidal thoughts. Day by day I'm noticing some changes in her. I shared her problem my friend and she suggested about medical marijuana. I have scheduled an appointment in Alberta for medical marijuana treatment. Before that, someone please share your knowledge about medical marijuana.
    • Depression is a serious mental illness that requires compulsory treatment. With depression, nootropics are taken. They have a powerful positive effect, having a direct effect on brain function. In the process of therapy, the patient develops resistance to various harmful factors. At the same time, the neurological deficit decreases, memory improves. Nootropics include Noopept, Fentropil - nootropicboost.com/ .