Does anyone here have an experience with blogging?

    • Depends on what you understand in case of successful. Anyway both for money and popularity it will really take much time for its development, besides you'll need to put much energy in advertising and overcoming a great competition in this sphere. The main thing is to love what you make, many successful bloggers say that it was a favourite hobby for them from the start, you should always keep that attitude :)
      And of course your main things will be content, web building and advertising. The first one is the most difficult because it's really hard now to produce smth unique and find your readers. Find your niche, define your ideal readers, try to be always interesting, honest and original. Patience and ignoring the negative criticism will be helpful for you too.
      Web building is the easiest thing in this case. You can just use one free and simple platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger and so on, they're perfect for those who don't have special skills and want to build a site with their own hands ;) You'll need to register a domain name, find web hosting, make a design and a cool logo for your blog too. In case of design web templates are helpful too, like for example wordpress design theme , there are also many of them for other platforms too. With them you'll get ready site skeletons which you can simply modify according to the type of your platform and other needs/tastes.
      And for free advertising social media and networks are the best but remember that for a successful blogger working with them usually takes much time too.
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