How effective is laser hair restoration treatment?

    • How effective is laser hair restoration treatment?

      Hey, I need your advice! I am 18 years old. I have severe itchiness on my scalp. I have noticed red bumps on my scalp. Now I tend to lose 100 strands of hair daily. I consulted a doctor for this and he prescribed Minoxidil and Finax for me. But my friend told me that these medicines can cause irreversible side effects. She said that they can cause damage to the skin and endocrine system. So I am worried and I didn't take the medicine. I told her that I wish to try any other treatments other than medication for my hair loss. So she suggested undergoing laser hair restoration treatment from Toronto. I am planning to undergo the treatment. Is there anyone here who had undergone this procedure before? How was your experience? How effective is this procedure? Will you be able to wash your hair after this treatment? Are you facing any hair loss after this treatment? Please share your insights. Thank you!