I need an advice on how to talk to my crush (we're both kind of shy)

    • I need an advice on how to talk to my crush (we're both kind of shy)

      Hello, this is my first post here, I hope it'll start to feel like home soon.So, I'm a 16 years old kid, she's 15. Our parents are friends, so sometimes they come over to my house on Saturday evening to eat with us. I'm pretty bad at starting conversations, and so is she from what I've seen, but we have a lot of common interests like art for example. I want to get her number because it's frustrating having to wait for our parents to call each other just to see her. Can you guys suggest a way to ask for her number without it beign weird? Or even how to start a conversation with her with our parents around? For now we rarely spoke to each other, but I noticed she laugs sometimes when I say something, so she must find me funny I think. When I'm at her house she always leaves after she's done eating, but since we're very similair I can assume why, since I try to ignore her to not raise any suspicions she must be doing the same (I hope). Our parents wants us to be friends, but it's ackward as f trying to start a conversation with them around all the time. I promised myself that I'm not gonna give up this time, I WILL be able to talk to her. Do you guys have any tricks? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long read
    • Hi! I'm not a guy and I've never dated someone, but I hope to help. Ok, so if you go to the same school you could try to meet her at an activity about one of your common interests (art class, for example) and just start a casual conversation like "Look at that painting, don't you think it's just wonderful?" and try to continue until in some point you say "Hey, don't you think we should exchange numbers so we can talk some day?" or something like that, like you didn't want her number for a date. It might be hard if you're shy, but that's the way I guess it could work. Hope you make it!