How hard was for you to learn to read?

    • Purple_Star wrote:

      And what methods were the best in your case? Also in what age that happened?
      Personally I was 4yo old and example of my parents together with different alphabet games were the most effective in my case.
      I don't remember any big difficulties with learning to read. I'm not sure in what age it happened, in 4 or 5 years old, I don't remember exactly but I always had a great motivation for this because of my mother and grandmother, they adored reading and their example created in me a great interest too :) Also they read me aloud often starting from very early age and I liked this very much but considering that they couldn't spend much time with me because of work I wanted to have this skill as fast as possible to be able as long as I want. I remember that various alphabet games, especially with cards and crafts were really effective in my case and also singing syllables later, this method helped me to solve the problem with reading whole words, I don't know why but it was a problem for in my case for some time.
      My younger brother (he's 4 yo) was taught in the same way, the only difference was with adding special virtual games which didn't exist in my childhood years. There are so many of them now like Numberlys, Zebrainy ABCs , ABCya! and so one, they have interesting storylines, nice graphic and plesant storyline which makes the process of learning very fun. Personally I don't like the idea of using various gadgets in such early age for children but I think that with such games it can be the only exception.
      But I should mention that it depends also on child's personality, for example my brother learned well but he doesn't like reading in general, math, sport and logic games are much more interesting for him. I don't think that reading will become his favourite hobby like it was in my case but our interests always were very different :P
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