Anxiety Attacks

    • Anxiety Attacks

      Hello, all.

      I just recently had an anxiety attack at, embarrassingly enough, my youngest sister's birthday party. I did not expect there to be a bunch of people there, who were all family I knew, but regardless, I felt overwhelmed and caught by surprise at the number of folks there (despite my mom saying there wasn't, there was 10 people over there, that's a lot!).

      I was just wondering if any of you kind gentlemen and ladies could help me out on any tricks to prevent these attacks, or better yet, get rid of them while they happen.

      Thanks, all~
    • Hi,
      Real solution for anxiety should come from profession , psychologist or educational counselor.
      That is the quick and efficient way.
      The human soul is unique and each one special in his way.
      There is no one way and the only right professional will be able to help find.
      The most normal are helped by a psychologist, so there is no shame in turning to one.
      Feel free ask any quastion.
    • Hi! I am hypersensitive, so I get embarrassed waaaay easily, have constant headaches, get affected by music, sounds or images and lots of symptoms more. I can deal with larger groups of people than you, but I also hate crowds and suffer a bit of anxiety (not attacks). When I stress, I just try telling people how uncomfortable I am (when I know them) or breathe and attempt avoiding the issue they're talking about (if I don't know them). IL33YO is right about consulting a psychologist - I've also did it once and it helps a lot. You can try talking to the adults in your family you trust the most, even agree on a sign to indicate you're having an attack, so they know what you feel and how to react. Just relax - you're not alone! I stress when people talk about me, for example (it may sound weird because I can talk to small "crowds" or to superiors with a medium amount of confidence). Maybe finding somebody in a similar situation or a psychologist will help the most! :)