Could I possibly be pregnant?

    • Could I possibly be pregnant?

      So I had no sex with my BF but we have been playing. He came on my
      breasts, and then the semen has drained down to my vulva. I was sitting
      on a bed so it could have possibly reached the vaginal opening. I think
      it was somewhat in the middle of my menstrual cycle, but the period
      before this accident was late (9-10 days or so).
      After playing we both took a shower.
      So now my period is ~14 days late and I do not know what to do. I have
      been nauseous for 2-3 days around a week ago but I also had a terrible
      head and muscle ache and I think this was just a short illness.
      Other than that, no other symptoms, no breasts pain, i eat as usual, no
      change in mucus, just contsant stress that I might have been fertilized.
      What are the chances I am pregnant?
      Also right now I notice no PMS symptoms and neither does my boyfriend so It's not like the period will come soon.
      I will do a pregnancy test but the first time i'll be able to get it is
      friday so I would like to know the odds today because Im dying of stress
      ( and so does my boyfriend)