I’m disappointed with my siblings

    • I’m disappointed with my siblings

      My mother was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and her health has been deteriorating quickly. I contacted my 4 other siblings who are in different states asking them to pay her a visit. They all gave different excuses such as no money for fare or they’re too busy with work. My mother keeps looking for my eldest brother who’s out of the country to attend some sort of international dating social event, and my youngest who can’t just leave her kids unattended right away. They keep promising that they’ll come over to visit but just the other day, my mom passed away. I told my siblings the bad news and now they’re making the effort to come over as soon as possible for her burial. I’m beyond disappointed with them. My mother sacrificed so much for them and they couldn’t even drop what they were doing just to be with her one last time. I really don’t know how to cope up with my mom’s death and all the more, I don’t know how to react when my siblings arrive. I’m so angry with them.