Anyone tried cryptocurrencies for earning money?

    • It depends greatly on a certain company with which you're going to sign up. There are very many of them now but scam is a rather widespread thing so always check such company before signing up with it. Pay attention to its site owners, domain name, terms & conditions, also look firstly for reviews from other users. As the safest and most trusted ones are usually recommended Eobot, Genesis Mining, Hashflare , Hashing 24 and Hashnest, in all other cases you can simply lose all your capital. Also these companies have various terms and conditions too so check them firstly too, for example not all of them provide really long-term contracts and it's important for mining because it's much better in case of long perspective investing. In case of cloud mining you won't need to pay for expensive equipment and electricity like it happens in case of the classic one, you'll need to spend money only on certain companie's service and sometimes such fees are high so keep that in mind too :)And in case of profit... Well like for other strategies it'll be always connected with current prices for cryptocurrencies, I mean that it can vary greatly for every month. Anyway it's possible to earn at least a thousand of dollars per month.
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