Trip to the pool

    • Trip to the pool

      On Saturday I went to an indoor pool in the city next to mine that is 52 km from my city, and as always I leave everything for the last hour, and 10 minutesbefore we left and I made the bag to anger for the pool, I put everything I needed but when I got to the indoor pool I saw that I had forgotten my swimwear, and the only option I had was to wear my yellow underwear as a bathing suit, and on the top I did not use anything, because I still I do not have breasts (late blommer) at 14.
      I was on the slides and a lady who was there plus her daughter at my age (with a bikini) commented that I should wear a bathing suit or with my underwear on a t-shirt and that it was indecent to walk like that in thepool and not I realized why she was so intolerant to me because I just forgot about the bathing suit and I think I was not offending anyone. What do you think of this lady? Is she right or not?

    • 14 yo consider almost adult person , pool environment in most places not allow node ....
      Going to the pool mean bath suite , no matter if you feel that you have something to offer or not :)
      Comments of this type will be heard if you forget your bath suite next time :)
      What I think of this lady? She has to deal only with her own business LIVE AND LET LIVE :)
      Feel free ask any quastion.