I love that nerd

    • I love that nerd

      Hello all!!
      It was during my teenage I fell in love with a guy in my school. He was a nerd and too handsome. When he walks all girls used to follow him. Almost everyone had a crush on him. There was a guy who loved me a lot. He used to follow me everywhere. But I didn't like him. I was behind my handsome Edward. But when he sees me he used to smirk at me. As I'm not a nerd he is like this to me. One day I gave him a letter but his reply made me cry. In Front of everyone, he told to correct the mistakes in the love letter. Everyone was laughing and also out of 10 he showed a scoreboard for me too. I was embarrassed and I went to the washroom and cried. Next day morning my friends supported me and I told them that I will not give up and I will follow him till he says yes to me. Every time when I see him I used to fight a lot. One day we went for an outing to the nearby beach. I had always been self-conscious of the way I looked, especially in swimwear. He commented my small breasts and I was so disappointed. I discussed this with my friends and they suggested about breast implant surgery. I was new to this. My friend supported me and they took an appointment in a nearby clinic after the research. I have read many success stories after the surgery. I hope this will happen in my case. Please pray for me and I need to propose him once again. Please pray for my surgery and share your suggestions.