Don't Miss These Amazing Flirting Tips

    • Don't Miss These Amazing Flirting Tips

      Do you like a woman and want she like you back? Most men get depressed when it comes to impress a woman. But do you know that making a women want you is not as hard as most men thought. Creating sexual attraction, touching her emotions and making her feel good are the ways to make a woman want you very much.

      Tip #1 - Don't try too hard to impress a woman. It shows that you're getting depressed to impress her. Desperation kills attraction. So, don't do it. Most women are impressed with a little hard work, because they also want to be pleased.

      Tip #2 - Be confidant and participate in the conversation with her with a dominant personality. Always make eye contacts while taking with her. Making eye contact shows her that you are the man who is able to talk with her. Also, Take the control of conversation and keep the conversation funny. Don't beg her to keep the conversation long and also don't brag her to show that you're a confident man.

      Tip #3 - Love yourself and be proud of you. Let her know that she is in a relationship with a special 'MAN'. Make her feel that you are the person of real values. Increase your values by showing more interest on other things than her. But also, don't be careless and forget her birthday and other tiny things about her. The only thing you should remember is that you should love yourself more than loving her. Nice guys don't know it and they always show how much love they have for their lovers. That's why most nice guys end their stories in a 'friend zone'.

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