Being Sexy, but not trashy!

    • Being Sexy, but not trashy!

      I'm 18 and I'll be 19 next month. I live the rural Midwest, where I was born. I've dreamed of a modeling career for the longest. However, because of my rural location, I had absolutely no opportunity to start younger. When I turned 18, I found out, I still really had no opportunity for a modeling career! Since turning 18, I've only had offers for nasty work like cam modeling and bad stuff that I will never do!
    • We aren’t fashion models, we know very little or could care less about the latest trends. Like most girls, we like going to the mall and still love Victoria Secrets, even though we can’t afford most of that stuff. We like wearing designer jeans and consider them our Sunday’s best until we decide to turn them into Daisy Dukes!

      We love being around water, parties on the lake, river or just the pool at a backyard barbecue. We’ll never miss an opportunity to show off our bikinis! Hot summer days get even hotter when the Daisy Dukes and crop tops come off!

      We like riding horses & ATVs, boating, mudding in 4X4 trucks, bonfires, and just hanging out with friends away from the blacktop roads. We love all the attention we get at the stock car races, dragstrip, car show, and we’ll always turn heads while washing our own car in the front yard!