Dad wants me to attend summer classes

    • Dad wants me to attend summer classes

      It’s vacation already but dad wants me attend summer classes. Dude, can I not just do it? I need a break with all those stuffs from our school! Dad is not so considerate about this. I already told my mom that I don’t want to but she just said, “it’s your dad, he’s the one to be followed”. Great, now what? What about my plans for this vacation? I’m even planning to go and travel this summer vacation with my friends, go to the beach, meet foreign tours, go mountain climbing. What should I do? Please help!
    • i don't like your situation but if your under father roof's an mom says that father is right then you should think about a job an try to live your life as you see fit,
      A good pay job would be a waiters at a good restaurant what have high prices food but you'll have bad days and good days,
      Most of all stay off of the mountain they are too high to look up at them ,life is to short an going to the beach an get to know few males well thats is hot an sexy,..
      You just might have to go to summer school o. This one becues of your father rules an your under his roof,
      When you think of your job a. Your own apartment have someone that you can real trust am count on to be your roommate an have more then just your roommate like your beach experience like ,i. Sorry that you are going to miss out on your vacation time good luck.