How do you avoid plagiarism in your homework?

    • Well if your work with various resources for your homework, try to understand them and use for expressing your own thoughts according to a certain topic, it's rather easy to avoid plagiarism in your essay. However unintentional one anyway can happen sometimes so I recommend you such tips:

      1) paraphrasing which is based on using information from different resources and retelling it with your own words, in this case you'll follow your topic but it won't be a plagiarism
      2) if your work demands citations, always use quotation marks and don't be lazy for checking your work for their right usage
      3) always cite your sources, all of them should be listed according to the citations you use
      4) use special programs in order to find not cited sources and other possible plagiarism, there's a great amount of such software, from my own experience I can recommedn you Copyleaks, Dupli Checker and Plagiarism Check

      Hope that was helpful!
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    • When researching a topic you're going to read other people's work, and you're going to take notes. A mistake a lot of people make when doing this research is to copy and paste whole passages from these sources and use them as research notes. Then when they sit down to write the assignment their notes are full of other people's words. It's hard to rephrase things in your own words when your notes are a jumble of other people's writing. I don't know to much about valid sites but I have used The Uni Tutor writing services before and I can say I was never disappointed.