I have a messed up group of friends

    • I have a messed up group of friends

      I just realized that my gf has a messed up circle of friends whom she’s been hanging out with for over 7 years. They were there when she needed them and always treated her like family...or so she thought. It wasn’t until recently where I pointed out to her how bizarre their way of living was in my point of view. One of her friends, who’s a dude, joined a foreign dating event abroad and when he came back, everyone in the group blocked him or stopped talking to him completely just because he went to an event like that which is “weird.” Another friend of hers got ostracized just because she got pregnant with a dude she doesn’t even know. If they were TRUE friends, they should be there for each other and give support instead of ditching one another.

      Now, my gf is in a tight situation where her job is taking up so much of her time nowadays and suddenly, her “friends” can’t be bothered when she finally has the time to see them. I keep advising her to cut them off and that she’s better off without them but she has too kind hearted to leave them like that. She still considers them as family but I just want to protect her. What should I do?